Is this where you want to buy your fly fishing equipment? 
With all that is going on in the fly fishing industry and the economy, now is an important time to support your local fly shop.  Local fly shops provide a unique resource to the angling industry, one that cannot be replaced by big box stores.  Many fly shops offer you the ability to walk in and talk to an expert, many times a local legend, and get info that big box stores do not offer.  On top of local info, the quality of gear available in local shops is top notch.  Do what you can to help support a critical part of our industry.


  1. Great posting. I'd add Ryan Smith's , The Avid Angler to the list in Washington too. Great shop in Lake Forest Park center and home of the Brita!!! Check em' out.

  2. Thanks Bryan, just noticed this comment, added to the list! Avid is a great shop, the few times I have made it in there it was well worth the trip.


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