Evolution Anglers is a blog ran by two brothers, one living in upstate New York, the other floating around between southwest Montana and Washington's Olympic Peninsula.  The blog was started as a creative release during the long Montana winters and a way to share our passion for the sport in a different dimension.

The Team:

Jergens/Joe Willauer:  I have been a fly fishing guide since the summer of 2002.  After guiding for 5 years on the Yakima for The Evening Hatch I began working for The Stonefly Inn in Twin Bridges, MT, where I currently am the head guide, live full time and spend the spring, summer and fall guiding for trout on the finest streams in the lower 48.  During the winter I travel back home to Washington and guide on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington on the Forks area rivers with my close friend and mentor Jeff Brazda.  When not guiding I love spending time with my beautiful wife and two crazy dogs, as well as substitute teaching, coaching basketball and wrapping bugs.  Check out a link to an interview with Joe here.

C-squad/Rick Willauer: Currently a first year surgery resident in New York. He is now spending free time exploring New York and New England's fisheries. C-squad doesn't have as much time to contribute as he once did, but will be able to fish cooler places about 10 years from now.  Along with being an excellent angler, c-squad really shines behind a camera, and most good images on the site are his.  When he isn't in the library he is probably hanging with his GF Kelsey or riding his mountain bike.