Friday, August 12, 2016


What is left of the Big Hole.
This spring as I cranked out a blog post about once a month I kept thinking to myself that i'd sure have a lot to blog about this summer when the guide season picked up.  It's always easier to write about fishing when you're actually going fishing.  Unfortunately for some reason this summer that was not the case.   As I enter into a couple-week break from fishing, the desire to write is finally coming back.

However the desire to fish is currently being squelched by historically low water.  Sure there are options around as there always is (this is trout mecca after all), but it's incredibly depressing to drive to work and look at the shell of my favorite river, trout crammed into puddles and gasping for cold water, while sprinklers light up the river banks from one end of the valley to the other.  I get it for the local guys, the ranchers who great grandparents settled the land. They make a living off of the land, and are typically the first ones to contribute water back into the river in times of need.  It is their way of life just like it is the way of life of a fishing guide to fish.  What I don't understand is the hobby ranchers that are drying up the rivers that are typically the reason that they moved here for.  We need to come to an agreement to get their waters in the river rather than into a cow that gets shipped to iowa to get fattened up along with the economic value.  It always takes a major event for any real change to take place, and if this summer isn't it I'm scared to see what is.

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