Tuesday, May 10, 2016


My friends I respect the most see a picture of a big fish and immediately ask "what did it eat?"
Fishing the salt is something that is very new to me, especially when compared to my experience in freshwater.  Growing up fishing mountain streams and lakes, I learned the history of much of what I was doing.  The patterns were classics and the fishing was simple.  As I moved on to steelhead, I searched out the history of the patterns I was fishing, the style of lines I was fishing, and knowledge about what I was doing from any available source.

The ability to restart and experience change is one of the most exciting aspects of fishing to me.  No matter how much fishing you do, there is always something new somewhere you can be doing.  That is one of the most alluring aspects of saltwater fishing to me.  As I began to tie for my most recent trip, I started to look up patterns.  Past years I've just tied what looked good to me from pictures from friends, and came up with replications that worked fine, and looked good enough.  This year my flies had a purpose.  The tying techniques I used were deliberate, and the end result were flies that not only looked better (although still for fishing not a fly shop bin) but were tied in a way that gave me a connection, and a confidence that patterns in years past did not possess.

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