Monday, March 14, 2016

Welcome to Winston

I promised myself a year ago that I would only share content on my blog that was valuable, and would not simply write a blog post to drive up views.  As you can tell my number of posts has gone down dramatically but I feel the content has increased (Check my FB or Instagram if you want the random fish pic).

This video was something I couldn't simply share on Facebook without a little more detail.  Winston and Twin Bridges are inextricably linked, and both for good reason.  This video gives insight into what a world class rod maker is all about, and the story that it tells is brief but important. Obviously Twin benefits tremendously from having Winston, but the opposite is true too.  As I transition from boat paddler to desk jockey and economic developer, I spend as much time talking about business location as I do trout patterns, and to see a business like this strategically located in such an amazing spot is incredible.  Twin Bridges has been home for my wife and kids for nearly 8 years now, and it's very cool to show off a little bit of it in video format.  Enjoy!


  1. Joe- Nice video, nice that you got to be a part of the project and film star. Might get to walk the Red Carpet next March .

  2. Hahahaha! Fun project to be involved with, the drone stuff was sick.


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