Thursday, December 3, 2015


For the longest time I never bothered tying intricate steelhead flies.  They eat a piece of bunny or flash just as well, and catching them is the fun part, right? I was young and frankly happy anytime I hooked one that didn't involve a bobber.

During the time that I didn't get it, I was fishing every day, guiding all the time, and viewed fancy flies as getting in the way of time I could be fishing.  Now that I sit here and write this post across from my daughter and her play-dough, with another kid sleeping in a swing in the other room, knowing that i will only have 5 days to go steelhead fishing this spring, I understand.  Taking time to put the feathers exactly where they should go, pulling material off when it's not perfect and geeking out to the point of OCD makes sense, when time at the desk is easy to come by and time on the river is tough.  It is through tying that I stay connected, think about the fish I've caught on each different pattern and color, and am reminded why these fish are so special.


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