Monday, November 2, 2015


 My friend Bob is one of the absolute nicest and fishiest guys that you will ever meet.  I say "friend" because although he lives two doors down the street from us "Neighbor" doesn't quite cut it.  My wife and I bought our first house this summer and Bob was instrumental in the majority of my renovations.  The typical exchange would go something like this "Hey Bob, can I borrow a saw?"  Bob-  "Oh yeah, and Im just sitting around, I'll come spend the next 5 hours helping you build a fence with all of my tools and energy and knowledge".  There is no possible way to pay back someone who is so generous, but Bob had one thing I could help him with, swinging his first steelhead.

A born 406'er, Bob has caught more fish in this state than most, and plenty of steelhead with a variety of techniques, but as a new spey angler had yet to check it off the list.  With a 1 month old boy running around my house the idea of a trip to some water I knew really well back home was not an option, so we headed out for the closest thing we've got, and tried to get Bob on the board.

About 2/3 of the way into our float I finally came tight to a fish in the middle of one of my favorite runs.  A couple of quick headshakes and it was gone, but it was a good reminder that we were throwing into an empty river.  We decided to row across the river and fish the same run from the other side, now that we knew there were some fish around.  I set Bob up about 3 casts upstream of what should be the money spot, walked upstream to some crappy riffle water to come in behind him, and of course promptly hooked a fish.  A short fight and a quick hatchery-fish-to-rock and we got Bob back out there.  No more than ten minutes later I looked up from re-rigging some gear and watched Bob's rod bending with the unmistakable pull of a a fish.  We put the fish in the net, dispatched of it as well, and shared a handshake that had been 2.5 years in the making since Bob started throwing a two-handed rod.  a handshake I was very happy to be a part of.

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