Monday, August 10, 2015

Return of an old friend

When I first moved to Montana I had a Clackacraft 16wf.  A perfect boat for the guiding I was doing back in Washington, it was a bit of a slug for the little rivers around SW MT.  There was a nearly-new Headhunter skiff in Mission Blue (the color all 5 of the Clackacrafts I've owned has had somewhere on it) laying around that I was able to trade my big boat for.  It was this blue skiff that I learned the area out of, and made a ton of good memories.  A few years ago, with visions of traveling a little more and bigger water, I traded ol' blue in for a new Eddy.  Far and away the most versatile drift boat I've owned, the Eddy was awesome, but coming to the realization that i was not traveling like I expected it was time to go back to the skiff.  I picked up New Blue on Friday, and have yet to christen her, so very soon there will be some trico sipping fish nearby that will be reminded to keep their traps shut when blue rolls by.