Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Technique Tuesday: Attention to Detail

Recycled picture that I felt captured the title of "Attention to Detail"

Those of you who know me on a personal level are probably thinking that a post from me about attention to detail is an April Fools joke.  My truck is constantly a mess, my brain is scattered and you could likely fish for a week from the random gear strewn throughout my boat.  I often use the line in my boat however that the only control issues I have are manifested in my nymph rigs.  Even with a lot of my buddies who are certainly capable fisherman I prefer to do the rigging myself so that I can have control.  This attention to detail is critical to success, and part of the game that really gets me fired up.  When something as simple as a knot type can make a difference in your day, you don't want that responsibility left to anyone besides yourself!  Here are couple parts of the process that I really geek out about.

Knots-  Not only the type but making sure they are tied correctly.  I can't begin to tell you how many lefty's loops I've clipped because they are not the right size.  Always sealed with a lick, making sure that you're knots seat correctly (and knowing what this looks like) can make a difference in putting "the one" into the net.  Also having the correct knot for the correct application.  There are times for loop knots and times there aren't.  knowing when to use each is something I know with absolute certainty puts more fish into my net.

Depth-  Another one that i really just freak about. I want my depths the same, and consistent. Whether I'm bobbering 12' deep down the middle of the missouri or shortleashing the upper beat with a dry dropper, when I rig I want the same every time.  I constantly use my body as a frame of reference for this.  I am nymphing extended left arm to right shoulder, a lot.  knowing that on me that's my point of reference ensures that it's the same, every time.

Weight-  Just like both of the above, how much cowbell on the end controls your sink rate and speed. My mentor Braz taught me a lot about weighting and different places to put it on the line.  Certain rivers have certain styles that I use exclusively there (Pogo, anyone?).  Things like weighting above and below your fly, all below, and then distance above all impact the drift, which in turn impacts the fish that are impacting your net.

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