Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Living in Twin Bridges is as close as one could possibly come to living a dream life as a fly fisherman.  Life at the convergence of 3 of North America's best trout streams leaves little to be desired as a trout fisherman.  Sadly, I all too often take this for granted and approach my time fishing with the mentality of a skier in a resort town. "only ski powder days, brah!"  A week in LA gives great perspective to the unique lifestyle that those of us in MT are able to live.  Being from Montana automatically makes you the most interesting guy in the bar, and the looks you get when you describe what life in the mountains is like range from pity to pure envy.  The anonymity of the city is alluring, and I love walking around without a soul knowing my name.  By the end of a week, gorged with exotic foods and expensive beers, there is nothing better than flying over the Headwaters of the Missouri, picking out each valley as you watch them meander north.  Flowing water is a great comfort, even if its viewed from several thousand feet in the air, and there is no better welcome home.


  1. I love it Joe! I am in LA right now, and cannot wait to get home.

  2. Thanks Wes! I enjoy it for small chunks, but definitely not the lifestyle I would choose.


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