Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Technique Tuesday: Right Angle Nymphing

For this week's Technique Tuesday we're going to stick with last weeks topic and elaborate on bobber fishing.  It is still winter, and as much as I wish we had an option for some dry fly fish around here right now a week of subzero temps crushed that opportunity.  And lets be honest, although substainally more effective, there are a hell of a lot more moving parts and technique that go into proper bobber fishing than tying a chubby onto the end of the string and throwing into the drink.

The first person I remember showing me right angle nymphing techniques was my buddy Johnny Boitano (no relation to Brian).  The concept is simple, instead of putting your bobber in the middle of your leader and tying flies onto the end cut you leader back where you would put your bobber.  For my rig, I tend to cut the leader off about 2.5' in, tie a perfection loop, and then loop on strong tippet (0x,1x,2x, sometimes 12lbs seaguar).  At the end of the tippet I bloodknot on the tippet that I am going to tithe fly too (often 2x or 3x).

Why go through this process instead of just throwing a bobber on?  Sinkage!  As you can tell from my rough drawing when you put a bobber into the middle of a leader you still have several feet of thick diameter line coming out the downstream side of the bobber.  This thick line prevents your flies from sinking, and means that you have to run more lead and crap on the end to get where you need to be.  By replacing this section with thinner diameter material your flies sink faster, which means less crap, and a much more successful rig that is also easier to throw.  The guides that I have shown this rig to have all converted once they fished it and the side benefit is once you cut down a leader you can use it for a long time for this application.  A chunk of 30lbs maxima does the same trick, but it seems like I always have a crappy leader around that is perfect for this application.

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