Friday, October 10, 2014

Catching Hawgs V.2.0

What did the 5 fingers say to the Trout?

So for all of you long time blog readers out there you unlikely remember 2 falls ago when I went over to Missoula and participated in the "catching hawgs" tournament that my buddy Ric puts on.  After taking a fall off I returned for a shot at the championship, this year in the recently minted "pro-division".  I was very fortunate to be partnered up with one of my closest friends and long time fishing buddy, Scott Wilson.  Scott is a guide on the Yak, and works with the guys at Troutwater, who would also be taking part in the action.
I don't know what to do with my hands???
 As part of the tourney your guide draws your team number out of a hat, and then gets to fish with you for two days.  This year Scott and I drew the long straw and had one of the best guides not only in the tournament, but in Missoula, Dan Mahoney of Missoula on the Fly.
Don't ever fucking let your guide fish.
We fished a couple of out of the way spots, including an awesome float on the Blackfoot, a river that has always been challenging to me.  It was great to see what a difference it made to have someone who knew where to go, what to throw and how things went down and the impact it had on the fishing.  As a long time fishing guide I can typically go to a new river and have good success, but the amount we had in two days was directly related to our guide know exactly where to go.  It was very cool to see it from the other side.
Apparently fishing with someone who knows the rivers better than you makes a difference?
After a summer of being the guider and not the guidee it was incredibly relaxing to sit in the boat and fish without worry about how many were catching or client expectations.  I imagine Dan had a pretty easy time too, pretty much making sure our beers didn't get empty and pointing out the sneakier spots that only the trained eye would recognize.  It was great to compare notes with a long time friend and another guide who has spent his time in a part of the state that I haven't.  While only a couple hours away it's amazing how different the fishing around Missoula is compared to Twin, starting with the fact that they get to throw dries a hell of a lot more.  I'll definitely be hitting up catching hawg's again next fall, and hopefully get to draw Dan for our guide again.


  1. Those are some nice trout Joe. Good to see you out fishing.
    Cheers to more fishing.

  2. Thanks Brian, yeah always gotta get out there! Otherwise I'd go insane!


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