Thursday, October 16, 2014

Best of Insty: Follow Friday

So I love Instagram.  Far and away my favorite method of social media.  No words, some food, and not many ads or bullshit.  I was looking at the Chive the other day and their topic was different than this, but it fits great for the fly fishing world.  Here are 3 Insty account that I think are sick and you should definitely check out.  I would like to say I will post three new ones every friday, but I'll commit to doing it occasionally?  Enjoy.

@Troutwaterfly  This is the Insty for my buddies in Ellensburg, WA guiding the yak.  You can't find a better group of guides in that part of the world, and if you're looking for fishporn, it's heavy on that:

Mitch with his first steelhead. #Klickitatriver #troutwaterguides #patagoniaflyfishing #steelheadfishing

@free_cascadia  Not fishing related, but ton's of cool shit from near the land of jefferson, and a great connection to my PNW roots

Autumnal Redwoods #TBT. _

@princeofpburg  First off, if you've been to P-burg, you know what a sick place it is.  Home to likely the best brewery in MT that you haven't heard of, and a lot of fish in pretty much every direction.  They don't post pic's of P-burg brewery beers which sucks, but they post a crapload of huge browns from weird places which is awesome.

#worknafterwork floated tonight with @gfunkit, no trophies (except for that thar dip! ) rivers raging!!🌊🚣 tons of fun and some sneaker fish were had by all #flyfishing #mt #floating #springtime #highwater #goodbuds #teammt #cametoparty

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