Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Guides Fishing

Mountain/River pictures are like the spey casting shot of the trout world.  It means you didn't catch shit.
Several years ago (actually many years now) I came to the painful realization that anytime I was going to fish with two of my guide friends, fishing was likely going to really suck.  Through no fault of our own, and even under best guide behavior of conceding float choices, beer selections and bank locations, odds are not in our favor.    Three weeks ago (back when it was still sumer) I reaffirmed this hex by traveling to the Henry's Fork with two of my closest friends. With grand intentions of floating through the ranch and getting schooled by large trout on long leaders and tiny flies, schooled is exactly what we got.  Putting fish down would have been an expected and acceptable outcome, but after recent, first-hand reports of good fishing, and nary a trout looking towards the surface for the bugs that didn't materialize, our concept of schooled was upgraded.  A quick change of plans sent us up to the water that chubby-chucking guides from Montana can even catch fish out of, and resistant to throw a bobber we found a few.  Fortunately having few interruptions like landing fish and taking pictures, three guides have the opportunity to reconnect in the middle of the summer doldrums season, which is many times better than any trout on 14' of 12x and a perfect counterpart to the guides day off stink.

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