Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shooting film

For the last several years anything "heritage" has become unbelievably popular and therefore has made its way to into the fishing world and most obviously it comes through in the current trends of fishing photography.   It would be difficult to not have seen crops of digital photos processed to look like film.  To get this effect, you either use VSCO filters or "crush the blacks" on your own.  I've had mixed feelings on this. I love it, I hate it, I love to hate it.

Regardless this trend inspired me to shoot on films.  I picked up two rolls of Porta 400 and a role of Fuji something or other.  It took me nearly an entire year to shoot the first role of Portra, which actually ended up being pretty interesting.  I enjoyed having 34 photos documenting trips from the year.  Because of the cost of the film and limited number of exposures I only took a handful of shots on each outing. Leaving me with a small curated library of past experiences (as opposed to several thousand crummy digital images hiding the few keepers.)

All photos were shot with a rebel gII, 50mm F1.4, Portra 400 . . .

Swing on the Salmon

 Waiting on the Salmon

It got colder

 Actual vignette.

 Silver fox in Grand Teton National Park

Swollen creek in Grand Teton National Park
Admiring the Grand Teton

Here is my take away.  My 40D has horrible dynamic range compared to film.  Film is expensive to use these days, roll of Portra was about $10 developing and scanning was another $20.  Portability was great, smaller and lighter camera body and the 50mm lens is a lot more useful when there is no crop factor.


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  1. Nice Work Mr. Jergens, good to see you posting once in a while.


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