Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shooting film

For the last several years anything "heritage" has become unbelievably popular and therefore has made its way to into the fishing world and most obviously it comes through in the current trends of fishing photography.   It would be difficult to not have seen crops of digital photos processed to look like film.  To get this effect, you either use VSCO filters or "crush the blacks" on your own.  I've had mixed feelings on this. I love it, I hate it, I love to hate it.

Regardless this trend inspired me to shoot on films.  I picked up two rolls of Porta 400 and a role of Fuji something or other.  It took me nearly an entire year to shoot the first role of Portra, which actually ended up being pretty interesting.  I enjoyed having 34 photos documenting trips from the year.  Because of the cost of the film and limited number of exposures I only took a handful of shots on each outing. Leaving me with a small curated library of past experiences (as opposed to several thousand crummy digital images hiding the few keepers.)

All photos were shot with a rebel gII, 50mm F1.4, Portra 400 . . .

Swing on the Salmon

 Waiting on the Salmon

It got colder

 Actual vignette.

 Silver fox in Grand Teton National Park

Swollen creek in Grand Teton National Park
Admiring the Grand Teton

Here is my take away.  My 40D has horrible dynamic range compared to film.  Film is expensive to use these days, roll of Portra was about $10 developing and scanning was another $20.  Portability was great, smaller and lighter camera body and the 50mm lens is a lot more useful when there is no crop factor.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Redington Dually Switch

I didn't catch this fish with the Dually, but that is not the rods fault.

Earlier this spring I got the opportunity to fish the Redington Dually Switch Rod in a 5 wt 11'.  I'll be honest for the longest time I thought switch rods were stupid, and to some extent I still do.  This rod is certainly an exception to that.  Where switch rods don't make sense to me is nymphing from a boat or steelhead fishing when you should be using a spey rod.  The Dually in a 5 however is the perfect combination of light weight and feel that combine to make a super fun two handed trout crusher.

Performance:  The rod is certainly a little softer than the other Redington rods I have fished in the past, which all seem to error on being pretty quick.  The Dually has an action that you can definitely feel load into your hands and tells you when it's time to go forward.  When paired with a RIO Switch Chucker in a 325 it sailed.  I ran several different weights of 10' poly leaders and flies up to a 2 and they all zipped out their nicely.  At a 5 it could handle any trout you could ever hook out here in Montana and some smaller steelhead.

Looks:  Those of you know me know that I have an affinity for bright blue, and so the bright blue writing on the maroon blank was a hit for me.  This rod looks like what you would expect for the price point, but the blue writing was definitely a bonus.  Oh and it has alignment dots, like every rod ever should.

Why should I get one?

Because it is a very affordable price point to enter in the two handed world which will then lead you to ruin your life chasing fish all over the place, likely becoming addicted to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, as well as getting divorced, losing your job and living under the 101 bridge on the Hoh with an obvious new nickname like "The Troll".  Or it will just be another fun tool to add to the arsenal, and at the price of $249.95 an easily justifiable new purchase.  Trout spey fishing is something I should do more of, and this rod is a great one to go swing up the guys that don't make it out to the ocean.

Obligatory nitpicking of a couple random things on an otherwise great rod:

Ummm, I don't like the reelseat that much?  Is that a reason to not buy this rod, of course not, but you have to bitch about something in a review, right?  Go check out the Dually, you'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shameless Promotion

I'm probably more pumped about this than I should be, but we have an online store now where you can get your blog swag on.  Check it out here:  Super easy to order, pay and get some cool stuff within a week or so.  Free shipping for every order too!  We'll be throwing up a few more designs soon as well like the Jah Trucker.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The addiction grows

Few things are as much fun as watching a kid get into fishing.  Ask any guide you know and they will lament the fact of younger anglers are few and far between these days.  My buddy Andrew is the exception.  More interested in fishing than tweeting, it's refreshing to see young people into being outside, and using fly fishing as the vehicle to get them there.