Thursday, May 8, 2014


Right now, from St. Regis to Sydney the state of Montana is joking about spring.  When is it coming?  Why is it still snowing?  When will summer be here?  My friend Brett has the best tweak on the old adage, "you know what they say about the weather in Montana?" "If you don't like it, go fuck yourself".  Much more to the point than wait 5 minutes, and the opinion shared by many if not in such a crude manner. We all know the truth, that until the calendar rolls over to July 1 it's a crap shoot.  Lately we've been having the cold weather that keeps the rivers in shape and the fish sluggish.  The first sign of warmth and we are going to see some seriously vertical graphs and a mass migration to those rivers that have been decapitated by concrete.  At least we have those, and the opportunity to hide under their shadows while the freeflowing streams carve new channels and redistribute cottonwoods.  If your living here or smart enough to travel here outside of tourist season though, you'll find the rivers and the fish lonely.  Waiting for company that will be here after the weather cooperates and the flows have subsided.

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