Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh I'll never leave Montana brother

C-Squad getting after it
Unfortunately it's not nearly that often that my brother and I get to fish together any more.  With him finishing up Med School in WA and me living in MT with a 1 year old daughter, the paths just don't cross like they used to.  This past Friday the stars aligned and we were able to meet over in Melrose for a short float during my favorite season.  After not catching anything in the first two spots, which was a giant surprise, we proceeded to put the smack down.  The best day that Rick had seen here, it was the perfect bonus to the fact that we got to spend some time in the boat together.

Testing out some new flies.  They work.
Fishing was good enough under the bobber that I switched it up and stripped some streamers around. I started with a fly from my friend Mike D. and as with all of his bugs, it was a winner.  Sadly I cracked it off with an errant cast into the willows, so one of mine was up next.  Ever since Dave @ Pile Cast sent me some craft fur closers last year I have been fascinated with his pattern.  Dave lives in Indiana, and so they weren't perfect for what we have here (I can't get brown trout to eat chartreuse), but the concept was awesome and with a simple hook and color adjustment i have ended up with a simple tweak on his badd ass pattern that has so far been very successful for me this spring.


  1. That's great that you bros got to hook up for a trouting and share some quality time. Life can lead us in different directions and often we rarely see those with whom we grew up and at one time spent every day together. Life is a flash in the pan: before you know it your daughter will be dating a fly fishing guide and you'll only see your brother once a year for your annual physical. Oh, and if your hands weren't so small, that 12 inch brown wouldn't appear artificially large.

  2. Nicely done, looked like a nice day on the ditch. Some very nice respectable fish with your brother. Keep on Keep on from CO. Floatfisher!!

  3. Good read Joe. Hoping to get up there this August with the Fam. It is time JR learned how to close the Blue Anchor.

  4. Joe, it looks like The Lord was good to you boys, and was particularly good to you.

  5. Kirk, hahaha! Yeah, life is going by a little faster these days. Yeah, I wish my hands were bigger so i could hold a fish and simultaneously give myself a reach around.....to put my rod on my shoulder!

    Brian, thanks man! Hope things are rocking down there.

    Thanks Joe, Let me know when you decide so I can set some time aside for some crushing and anchoring!

    Mike, thanks man! Your fly did awesome!

    Thanks Oh-4wt, wish you were there!


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