Thursday, May 22, 2014

A fishing guides wife

For every April Vokey (see that Google?) out there, there are a couple hundred women who fly fish for many different reasons than they just can't live without it.  My wife would be in the latter.  When it's nice out, and fishing is going to be good, she loves it.  Winter steelhead fishing will not be soon in our plans together.  That being said, when given the opportunity to have the bow of the boat to her self and the opportunity to feed some lonely early season trout some dry flies she is not one to turn it down.  If the Bozeman Mall had a Nordstrom's that might be a different story, but their loss is my gain.

Last friday we floated together without our daughter for the first time since she changed life in ways unimaginable.  A short float that my wife had never done before and ideal conditions made for a day we won't soon forget.  After a morning of good dry dropper fishing, clouds rolled in from the pioneers, kept their warmth, and made for the conditions we lose sleep about.  The bugs took notice equally as quick and the swallows doubled their activity now that their flight was being rewarded.

As we came about a narrow bend my wife threw our two fly rig into a quick slot that needed to be hit precisely before the boat ran it over.  Flies down, a subtle sip, and a fish is on that neither of us knew the size of.  We looked and debated if it was the bottom, until it moved. Moved down and across, and then finally into the shallows.  "We should probably put that one in the net" my wife said, in a tone that had a sense of urgency that is only reserved for times like this.  Not the same urgency as something that relates to our daughter, but enough urgency to know that this is like a perfect game;  the tension is there but we can't talk about it.

Unlike the last big fish I watched my wife hook, which I still lament 3 years later, this one hit the net.  A size 16 Purple Have stuck squarely in the corner of its mouth, we released her to swim free, celebrated, and then hastily hopped back in the boat, realizing that we had a long ways to go, and Harper to pick up before 4:30.  Arriving to town just in the nick of time, Ke'lah's big fish turned out to be the last cast of the day she made.  It's always good to go out on top!

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  1. Awesome story, Joe! Congrats to you both - her for catching it, and you for catching her!


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