Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gear Review: Allen Trout Hooks

If there is one thing I am particular about as an angler and fly tier it is hooks.  As the connection point between you and the goal, I absolutely never skimp on hooks.  Ever.  So when my buddy Evan at Allen Fly Fishing  asked me if I wanted some of their hooks to tie on I was skeptical.  Granted there are not that many places on earth making hooks, but if they were Mustads repackaged with the Allen logo they would have hit the envelope right back to where they came from.

Fortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth.  When the hooks arrived I cracked open a package of #4 streamer hooks and started wrapping some sparklers.  The finish on them is every bit as good as any other trout hook on the market, and the point was absolutely as sticky as a tiemco trout hook.  One thing I have found when I buy cheap hooks (read Dai Riki) is the finish is very inconsistent and there is typically one hook per pack that has a major defect.  There were no such issues, and I have now tied on several packs of Allen Hooks with the same success.  When it comes to trout hooks, I don't see myself tying on much else this upcoming summer.

An Allen hook where it really matters.

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