Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A good walk

If you are reading this blog I don't need to explain to you the many benefits of living in Twin Bridges, MT, but every once in a while it even throws us for a loop for what a cool spot it is, even after 5 years of living here.  This past Sunday after driving out to the Ruby to find it busy, cold and windy, we drove back down valley to take the dogs for a walk and hopefully enjoy a little sunshine.  As we made it to the town park and walked along the banks of the Beaverhead, caddis fluttered about, an unusual sight for a cold blustery spring day.  Approaching the river, we weren't the only ones surprised to see caddis, and heads dimpled the surface of the river in the likely spots.

Being downstream of 1,000's of acres of flood irrigated farmland, the Beav in Twin Bridges is a far cry from it's true tailwater section upstream of Dillon.  To be honest, in Twin it's a ditch.  But every once in a while, when irrigation starts and conditions are right, the ditch clears and the fish are active.  With the stars aligning on this afternoon we called our walk short, flipped a 180 and hightailed it for home.  Dogs dropped off, a chair for our daughter and two cold beers in the cooler and we were back to the park.  Fishing dry flies is always a blast, but having your Sunday afternoon walk interrupted by rising fish is an experience beyond that.  It is these little things that help make the long winter worth it, and living in trout mecca truly the amazing place that it is.


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