Monday, January 20, 2014

Product Review: Airflo Super-Dri Exceed

Putting the new Airflo Super-Dri line through the paces.
It's been a while since I've done a review, and with the unseasonably warm weather we're currently experiencing I thought a writeup on my favorite trout line would hit the spot.  Hopefully I'll give it a chuck in the next week or so, but it's damn hard to leave the vice this time of year when you know those fly boxes won't fill themselves.

There are many things that I love about Airflo and the lines they produce.  The first thing, which has nothing to do with line performance is the people that work there.  I remember meeting Tim Rajeff at the old Bellevue Fly Fishing Show when I was 19 and just started guiding.  I talked to him right after he finished talking with Jon Hazel, and he treated me the exact same as the Deschutes legend that walked away in front of me.  Ever since that moment I have loved Airflo lines.  Now that I have been around a little longer in the industry and have met more folks at Airflo it is evident that the friendliness that Tim expressed is something shared by everyone in their shop. It also helps that they make amazing fly lines.

Regarded as the industry leader in the Spey world, with everyone else just trying to keep up, I am always amazed that Airflo trout lines fall through the cracks.  They were the first to come out with a textured line (and haven't had to redesign 5 times because of finger casualties), use polyurethane rather than PVC so they don't crack (like, ever) and are resistant to deet.  The tech jargon equals one thing: a line that casts great and lasts a long time.

Stock online photo.  The line is pumpkin colored but easily could be called sweet potato.
The Super-dri features ridge technology that Airflo has been using forever, so it is textured which we all know the benefits of these days.  The biggest change with the Super-Dri is the new coating.  If I had one gripe about past Airflo lines it was the floating ability.  Don't get me wrong, they didn't sink, but they seemed to require more cleaning than the competition.  I was fine with this because they lasted three times as long, so an investment of 5 bucks in line cleaner was worth it.  The new SuperDri eliminated this problem and floated as good if not better than any other line out there.

Another big change is the "Zone".  I can't put it into words as good as my buddy Jarrod does here, but I will tell you that you can definitely feel it.  I spent most of my fishing time with this line on a 9' 6wt Scott S4, and when you got in the "zone" you could actually feel some extra zip in your cast.  This set up would not have been my choice for throwing a trico, but they make a version for that, and that's what the G2 is for anyways.

Next time you're in the local fly shop be sure to take a look at the new Super-Dri.  The performance is as good as you'd expect, and you'll be really glad when you don't have to buy a new line the following summer.

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  1. Good Review Amigo. I feel like all my trout lines gets smoked pretty quick. I will check these out this summer. I am due for some trout line that stays afloat.


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