Tuesday, January 21, 2014

12th Man Fly: The Recipe

For those of you that follow my social media, you have been seeing  a lot of blue and green steelhead flies show up over the last couple years.  As a native of Washington State I am beyond pumped for the season that the Hawks have had this year, and have been tying up more steelhead bugs in their colors, one for each game.  This past weekend I tied up probably one of the most challenging and also best steelhead flies I have ever tied.  A twist on the new-school classic, the intruder, this fly came out spot on how I imagined it.  After a couple of requests from friends on Facebook I am posting the recipe below.  If you wrap one up, or your own version of a 12th man fly, tag it #12thmanflies and #evoanglers (we love Instagram) and we'd love to check them out.  Good luck wrapping and GO HAWKS!!!!!

The 12th Man Fly, You Mad Bro? edition:

Directions are in the order that they are wrapped onto the tube.  I broke it out into front and back half because that's how I think about it when I tie intruders.

Tube:  Pro Tube in Light Blue
Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S, Sz. 4.
Thread:  UltraThread 70 Black
Eyes: White Lead Eyes

Rear Section:
Tag:  Three wraps of seahawks green Polar Chenille, starting just barely on the large "junction" section of the pro tube
Tail:  Three wraps of seahawks green schlappen
Tail Feelers:  About 20 or so Seahawks Green ostrich herl fibers, tied in a dubbing loop and wrapped. I then added the barring with a sharpie.
Last rear hackle wrap:  Seahawks Green Guinea

Body wrap:  mission blue lagartun flat braid

Front Section:
Bump:  Blue arctic fox, spun in a loop, three wraps on hook.
Hackle:  Blue Schlappen, 3 wraps
Feelers:  20 or so ostrich hero fibers, spun into a sloop, wrapped around evenly
Next set of feelers:  12 Lady Amherst Fibers, separated by twos, placed on the tube and separated to look even on all sides
Hackle:  black schlappen, 3 wraps.
Flash:  Two strands of blue mirror flash
Eyes:  One Jungle Cock Eye on each side, without the fibers stripped off
Feelers:  Two blue grizzly saddle hackles that extend to the furthest rear part of the fly.
Hackle:  3 more wraps of black schlappen.


  1. Worst blog post ever. Ha Ha ;) I much prefer This one https://scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1/59889_10151180873600614_2070776325_n.jpg Good Luck on Sunday. #GoBroncos

  2. Jarrod, I can't say much about those colors, but that is one nasty looking bug. Good luck to you as well! Go Hawks!


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