Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Go Eags! Fly Tying Contest

2010 Championship Bug

It's that time of year again!  FCS playoffs are underway, and Eastern Washington University rolled through SDSU last weekend on the inferno.  This week the 3rd ranked eagles take on Jacksonville State, again at home.  As an EWU Alum this is always an exciting time of year, especially with the great teams that have followed since my graduation (MURP, 2009).  This year we will be continuing our tradition of wrapping up championship quality "inferno" flies, but with a new twist.  We are going to be teaming up with Big Mills and running a contest where you can win some great flies tied by me and Millsy.

All you have to do to enter is wrap up a steelhead fly that incorporates red (the more red the better) and email it to me, joe@evoanglers.com, post it on our facebook page, or (the preferred method) post it on Instagram and tag it #infernoflies and @evoanglers and @millsfly.  Friday evening after mills and I have tossed back a couple we will have a very serious text message conversation (since we live 5 hours apart) and decide what our favorite fly is.  The winner will be announced Saturday morning.  The flies that we tie will be shipped to your door Monday morning.  Make sure to check out our social media outlets to see the flies you'll win, they will be posted before the end of the week.

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