Friday, November 15, 2013

So, what's your Dad think.....

Dad with is first steelhead.

I will preface this post with the fact that of roughly 1200 guide days I have had 3 anglers that I would never guide again.  So when I say "one of the biggest dipshits I've ever had in my boat" know that the dipshit:awesome fun anglers ratio is correct, and I'm not some angry guide drinking away my winter at the Blue Anchor.

So.....I have one of the biggest dipshits that I have ever guided in the boat, and half way through a full-can-of-chew-day he asks me the most condescending question I have ever been asked on a guide trip "So, what's your Dad think about you being a fish guide?"  Several years later now I don't remember what I said, but it was polite, and I continued to work through the day, knowing that a cold beer was getting closer by the minute.

I have never once questioned what my Dad thinks about my decision to guide, as he has supported me in everything I do, and is particularly fond of my guiding as he routinely reaps the benefits as an avid fly fisherman.  This week we cranked it up a notch.
Working on the rigging of what turned out to be the money fly.
Dad has been learning to spey cast since last spring, and given our distance apart I haven't been able to provide as much on-the-water help as I would like.  Numerous texts, calls and pictures have been exchanged.  Do this, don't do that, why are you stopping there?  Spey-instruction by iPhone.  This fall Dad has been making a weekly trip to a river that we grew up trout fishing, swinging his brains out, and having very little success.  As many of you know this is pretty normal as you start to cast a two-handed rod, and is what makes that first fish so special.

Along with learning to cast, Dad began tying his own swinging bugs.  Any steelhead angler knows that the fly doesn't matter, but given that my tying time is currently more available than angling time I sent out a package that included 12 swing bugs hot out of the vice.  The flies arrived on a Saturday, just in time to be soaked that monday afternoon and Tuesday as my Dad and brother were going to meet on our favorite river.

About noon on their second day fishing together I got a text from Dad as I filled out my TPS reports.  A simple one line message:  STEEL!  He had broken the skunk with my brother, on a fly I tied for him.  To say he was ecstatic was a understatement.  I have never been so excited about a fish that I didn't catch, let alone didn't even witness or net or see till hours later.

To answer the question, "What's your Dad think about you being a fish guide?".  I think he's ok with it, the smile above says it all.


  1. Nice work, gonna need those reports on my desk by this afternoon.

  2. sharing such a passion between father and son is priceless
    great smile and great post!

  3. @David, Joey and Brett, thank you! It's easy to write when you care about the subject.

    @TheGuy, ummmmm yeah, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday.

    @bchm, thank you! Nothing better than fishing with Dad.

  4. awesome story. steelhead have a way of making people smile like that.

  5. Thanks Gavin. Wish I could have been there, and we've logged a few days since, but nothing beats the first one. Steelhead fishing has given me the opportunity to see emotions from my dad that I never would have otherwise.


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