Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back at it

First trip in the new Clackacraft for both.
As I updated briefly her this past spring, 2013 has been a year of change for us.  The biggest and best change being the birth of our daughter, Harper.  We had no idea what this would entail, and had no idea how well we operated on such little sleep (some days better than others).

Although guide season usually cut into fishing time for Ke'lah and me, we would typically make it out for a few days while the weather was nice and the fish were looking up.  This year was an exception as we didn't make it out a single day from early April to this past Saturday.

With a forecast of 55 degrees this seemed like our last chance of getting H in the boat and having a float that didn't result in one of us getting pneumonia.  The weather held nicely and Ke'lah didn't miss a beat, catching her first fish of the day in the first spot she threw it in.  The resulting fish skipped across the surface twice on the right side of the boat, sounded underneath new blue, and then rocketed into the boat on the left side, missing H's carseat and a well-sleeping baby by inches.  Once she figured out what happened we died laughing, in the quietest manner possible to not disturb the peaceful boat.

As the wind picked up, and we already had a couple of fish in the net, we decided to coast down river, looking for animals and enjoying our home float.  The day couldn't have gone any better, and we began what is going to be a great introduction to our daughter and the great outdoors that we're so fortunate to have in our backyard.


  1. Awesomness. Glad you made it out before the deep freeze. Were you extra careful on the oars? The first time we took Maco down the river it felt like my first time rowing.

  2. Yeah, definitely paid good attention, but we floated the Jeff which is currently like a fast moving lake. It's also one of the reasons I went over from the skiff to the Eddy, little more room for error.


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