Monday, October 14, 2013

Making the Report

"Spey casters take a lot of casting pictures."  quoted by the best spey caster I know.  This fly photo can be a substitute for the casting shot.
As a steelhead fisherman it is easy to follow reports and numbers and myths about where the fish are and what's going on.  Especially early in ones steelhead career the lure of "the report" fish is as tempting as anything. Sometimes chasing the stories pays off, and often times it leads to a lot of anglers and few fish.  This past weekend a couple of us decided to ignore the fact that there wasn't a single steelhead reported in the creel survey for the river and go make our own luck.

About 10 casts in to our first run I got the subtle tap that sends a light jolt up your tip, into the hand, that signals something is on the end that isn't a rock.  Amazingly I held off from the immediate yank and about the 3rd grab placed the hookset meter on stun and lifted towards the bank.  There is always the lag that feels like an eternity where you can't tell wether you just set the hook on the bottom or something shinier.  After the lag there was the familiar throb that tells you it's not a rock or lumber or anything but a steelhead on the end of the line.  I couldn't help but yell out "suck it" after the species was confirmed; not as much to my buddy in front of me but to the steelhead gods and terrible reports and a long summer of fishing incredibly low water for too-warm trout.  This arrogance caught up to me quickly.  After a strong run into the head of the run a quick turn and wrap around the rock I hooked her off of and that was that.  Two perfection loops at the end of my sinktip were all that remained; a sharp reminder to keep my steelhead-god thoughts to myself.

That was the only steelhead hooked all weekend.  Two days of casting practice and sunshine  and Butte Moonshine (poor choice).  We couldn't even count it on the creel report, as hooked and lost fish don't count for much anyways.  But it fuels the fire.  And has me back at the vice, ready to head back out when the water cools a little more.  Ready to get some more casting photos.


  1. "Suck It" haha that was awesome. I get lured into the reports for sure especially before we go to the coast. It is tough not too.

  2. Yeah Joey, always a good yell to a steelhead. Although the last fish I saw you hook swinging sure said Suck It to us! That one still freaks me out.

  3. No kidding that fish was a freak. Totally ruined us. That was a fun day. "you have to let go of the handle in order for the drag to work." I still give santa hell about that. Too funny.

  4. "Paul get your hands off the fucking reel." That was the day your pole blew up on us too. Great day especially since the conditions were less than optimal.


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