Monday, October 7, 2013

Goodbye to an Old (blue) Friend

Saw this one rising the week before.  Nice when they're right were they should be.

After 6 years, a couple thousand river miles and a pile of trout I finally got rid of Ol' Blue, my Clackacraft Skiff.  I originally traded my high-side clack for it in '08, and have guided out of it since.  This year I wanted to upgrade to the Clack Eddy, and so Ol' Blue had to go.

Gus has his fish hold dialed.  This one was the best eat we saw all day.
Love fishing with old friends, especially when fish like this are eating the chubby.
To send off a legend of a boat, you can't simply have another day down the river.  For this trip it just so happened that my old friend Gus was in town for a few days of fishing.  Not only have Gus and I been fishing buddies for over a decade, he was one of the two guys who taught me how to row.  In fact it was Gus' Clackacraft that was the first driftboat I ever set foot in.  Since Gus hadn't fished much around Twin we elected to do an unusual float down the Beaverhead, which paid big dividends.  Dry droppers, a good thunderstorm and tons of laughs were had.  I couldn't imagine a better way to send Ol' Blue off.  She's now residing in Helena, and will be seen on the Mo, so if you see her floating around be careful not to follow too close, blue's mojo is incredible.
New Blue


  1. Something old, something new. Goodbye old friend, hello to new Blue.

  2. Here's hoping New Blue has the fish mojo of Old Blue!


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