Sunday, September 29, 2013

A cause worth supporting: Wild Reverence

Film projects on kickstarter are a dime a dozen.  The crowd funding site is certainly a popular way to raise funds for this medium, and frankly Wild Reverence is the first film that I have ever put any money towards.  Filmed by Shane Anderson, Wild Reverence chronicles steelhead fishing from California to BC, and features an amazing cast of speakers including Frank Moore, Jeff Hickman, April Vokey and many more.  The swag for donating is awesome too, including a couple of great t-shirt designs, a movie poster that would accent any tying room and a one of a kind Burkheimer spey rod that would have instant mojo.  Click the link here and go help out a great project: Wild Reverence.  (we already have!).

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A brown trout picture

Good friend Paul with a cool streamer fish
I've been fishing some, and working some but haven't been doing much that was blog worthy lately.  I got to fish with my buddy Gus, and will write a report that is up to par for the amount of fun we had, but that amount of time has been limited lately.  I also have a couple of good gear reviews coming up as well, including a water bottle, a couple of fly lines, and maybe even a rod.  Probably will write about my new boat I got two weeks ago.  Spoiler alert, it's a Clackacraft Eddy and it's sick.  Even in the signature color.  In the mean check out this cool swung streamer brown my buddy Paul got today.  I'll throw up a pic of the big one FB tomorrow.