Thursday, August 8, 2013

Non-traditional fishing dog: Roxy and Ool

Roxy and Ool living the dream
Perusing the facespace this afternoon while I work on some tps reports, I noticed the great picture posted above of two great dogs doing what they do best.  As an owner of a very small and large dog, I had to find out some more info.  The two dogs pictured are Roxy, a Dachshund/Yorky (Dorky) and Ool, a siberian Husky, owned by Monte Ward of Portland.  Quite the pair, and sure to get some admiration on the local rivers.  Thanks for letting me share your non-traditional fishing dogs Monte!

If you have a favorite fishing dog that's a little out of the norm (not a lab or retriever) send me a pic and a story to

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