Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2 years later

Andrew, on his first day ever in a drift boat
Every summer I look forward to all of the cool people that I get to fish with, and few more than Andrew and his grandfather Joe.  I got the opportunity to take Andrew on his first ever drift boat trip 2 years ago down the Big Hole, and as you can tell he figured it out (crushing would be the correct term).

Summer 2013, old enough to not wear a life jacket!
Now two years later, nothing that swims is safe around Andrew.  We got to spend a couple of days together this year and his biggest problem is overcasting.  It's so much fun to watch anglers improve year-to-year, and it's even more impressive when it's a kid.  I can remember getting into fly fishing at the same age, and just how much fun it was to learn everything about it.  If you can't get excited fishing with a kid, you should probably take up another sport.

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