Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Traveling to trout fish.

Carlo with the fish du jour.  Photo: Brett Seng
One of the funny things about living in a place like Twin Bridges is traveling to catch trout.  It has taken quite a while (6 years) of living here for me to finally want to leave the Big Hole or Beav when I have a day off to fish.  I've spent a little bit of time driving to other rivers while living in Twin, but always reluctantly with what we have in our backyard (literally). This year I have made two trips a whopping two hours away from home, the first to the Mo, the second last Friday on the Yellowstone (and there was some debate on the validity of driving to the Stone).  Spoiled, I believe, would be the correct word.
Photo: Brett Seng
 Anyway, I got to spend Friday with good friends Carlo from Helena and Brett Seng floating the lower Yellowstone.  I have spent a few days fishing The 'Stone since I moved out here, and frankly have always been unimpressed.  It's not necessarily fair to compare rivers against each other, but I had always heard of the epic days on the Yellowstone, and had never see anything remotely close to "epic".  While Friday wasn't epic, it was certainly a step in the right direction.  After a few bug switches in the morning we found the magic combination and proceeded to catch plenty of fish, with one riffle I slipped through in flip-flops that was particularly generous.  A day that was the beginning of a heatwave we are still enjoying, shared by friends on a beautiful stretch of river.  Definitely spoiled.

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