Monday, July 1, 2013

Swing the Fly is Live!

Old school trout on the spey pic
A project that I have been very pumped about for the last couple of months just went live this morning, Swing the Fly.  The brain child of the good folks at Chi Wulff, I could not be more impressed with how the final product turned out.  YOu'll find a brief article about swinging for trout from me, some great writing by PNW Spey guru, Marty Sheppard, and a bunch of other talented writers and photographers. I was super excited from the time I heard about the Mag, and honored that Mark and Jake asked me to be a part of it.  Thanks for all of the hard work team Chi Wulff and for putting out an awesome project!


  1. Congrats guys. The mag looks great. As a fellow newbie on the E Mag block, I can attest to your excitement and energy. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Revive! I wish I could say that I had more to do with it than writing, but I think it turned out amazing.

  3. Nice Article Joe, pretty cool to be a part of a project and magazine like this and your passion. See you soon.

  4. Thanks Brian! Stoked to fish with you guys very soon!


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