Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fishing Pics in Hot Weather

Jane showing how to catch, shoot and release a great Madison brown during hot weather.

No question about it, it's a hot one out there right now.  This time of year fishing can be awesome with hoppers on the horizon and caddis in every shape and size bouncing around, but it's important to remember a few things about your trophy pic when hawg johnson makes it into the net.  Here are a few rules I follow in my boat, and are particularly mindful of this time of year.

Be quick:  This rule is mandatory steelhead fishing, and is a good one to adapt to the trout stream.  A fish in the water is happier than one out of the water, so if you can, take a pic with the fish in the drink.  If you do lift one up for the "in the boat" shot, make it quick.

Don't take a pic of every fish:  It's easy to get excited on a big annual trip, but a picture of the 10th 16" Beaverhead (insert your favorite awesome Montana river name here) fish really isn't necessary.  Besides, less pictures means more opportunities to lie to your buddies when you get back to your cubicle.

Carry a good rubber bagged net:  These nets are the greatest thing for a boat guide, and make it much easier to safely photograph fish.  When held off the side of your boat, or in the river while wading, they make a hell of a livewell, and provide a couple of extra seconds of safe fish handling.

No when to say no:  When you land your fish, if it takes a second longer than normal to unbutton them, put them back.  Every second counts when handling fish, and this is critical during hot weather.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but it's not worth taking the life of a trout for a picture on your facebook page.


  1. Good advice on how to safely take pictures and how to minimize the impact we have on the fish.

  2. awesome joe, totally hits the mark, flyfishing is a bloodsport like it or not and fly fishing grip and grins kill way more fish than the worm-chucker by "the bridge".. hope your summer is goin well

  3. Thank Guys! It's way more important to take care of them so that we can catch them again! Summers going great Travis, hope you're doing good as well and sorry we missed each other when you were out here earlier.


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