Monday, June 17, 2013

Local fishing and upper Beav report

Uncle Mike and a really nice yellow trout.
I got the opportunity to fish with some of my all time favorites this past weekend, the Z-crew from NYC.  One part of the group who wont be named ended up staying at home in the Bronx, but we were able to continue their tradition of having a great time, as well as introduce Montana fly fishing to a 12 year old boy who couldn't get enough.  You know a kid is having fun fishing when you pull into the get-out and just about have to physically pull them out of  the boat.  Fortunately Mike didn't jinx himself this year by catching a giant one as his first fish of the day, and waited till the appropriate time for crushing.
Fly fishing to get close to nature.
Oh yeah, how bout an upper Beav report?  Went up Friday for the first time since the opener and was not disappointed.  Made it from the dam to the bunker hole (250 yards) before we hooked up.  It was one of those days where you saw a net out all of the way from the top to high bridge, and most of the time below there.  The flows are up enough that SLC wasn't completely overrunning the place, with waders in the normal spots but a surprisingly low number elsewhere.

Bugs:  SplitBack of course, sows, scuds, tiny PT's, some cool PT thing that I got at Tollet's with an olive head and a flashy back.  Below the high bridge all of the above along with the prince variation of your choice, which happened to be Ronald McDonald for us.  Worms were good too the closer you got to Grass.  Definitely a variety of bugs flying, but not a lot of trout looking up, which is pretty typical for this time of year.

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  1. The check is in the mail, Joe. Seriously, thanks for everything. I'll show Ari and the nameless one the post!


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