Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A 100% guaranteed way to catch more fish.

There is a reason you see the same guys with all of the fish.
We've all heard the line "10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish" but it's the truth.  Ask any guide you know (if you don't know any head to your local bar) and they will unilaterally agree that the guests who catch the most fish are the ones who go fishing the most.  This seems simple enough, but there are things that you can do to help improve your angling between big trips, and one in particular that will equate to the results like the fish above.

Practice! This seems so simple, but is never rarely seen.  Brett, pictured above, said something when he hopped in my boat for the sixth year in a row that I hear about once every two years.  "I've been practicing in the backyard" he said "and there is a tree limb that hangs down about 2.5' of the grass."  Cool, I thought, and asked "oh, have you been trying to hit it?"  "No, I've been trying to throw it as far underneath it as I can."  At this point I was quickly reminded why Brett and I never have bad fishing together, it's because he is damn good at it, and is always trying to get better!  You don't live somewhere with trout near by to go throw at?  Put a target in your back yard and go practice casting.  If the average angler that goes on a guided trip in Montana took 30 minutes a week and set their hat at one end of the backyard and practiced casting at it from the other, the trout would likely go on strike because they would be getting caught so much more regularly.  If nothing else, get practiced up a month before your next big trip, I think you'll be surprised at how much better you do.

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