Saturday, May 4, 2013

And so it begins...

Betsy enjoying the back of her new boat.

Started out my guide season a week ago in familiar fashion; fishing the Big Hole with two of my favorite guests in the stretch that we start every season in.  4 years ago after a chaotic morning that included me leaving every fly I own in my garage and discovering it when we got to the river, we called an audible and went to Melrose to grab flies and float town to browns.  The resulting day was one that likely would not be believed over the internet, so we'll leave it at "very very good".
Larry hand-modeling one of the nicer fish.
This year we had a fun twist because Larry had just gotten a new clack, and he let me steer it on it's second day down the river.  As expected, it had the built in mojo that Clackacrafts always do, and it only took two bends in the river before Larry caught a healthy Big Hole brown.  Fly fishing is a sport of traditions, and sharing my first guide day of the year with Larry and Betsy, floating Town to Browns, is not one that will change soon.