Monday, April 1, 2013

Wet Wading Weekend

Ke'lah celebrating the end of bed rest!
This weekend was one of those weekends where you couldn't not go fishing.  Many faces and forearms will be burnt throughout SWMT after what was the best weather we've seen this spring.  The type of weather that lulls you to sleep before a snowstorm comes back and kicks you in the junk (I'm predicting that for next week).  In the mean time though, Ke'lah and I spent two great days floating, wearing flip flops, and reminding ourselves why we live here.  A hell of a way for Ke'lah to celebrate the Dr. clearing her from bed rest.


  1. It was equally as nice over here in Colorado, as I to donned the shorts and sandals in the boat. The pale white skin got a little pink. Beautiful fish for Kelah!!!

  2. I went skins yesterday removing an old deck..No big deal. Tried to tan the while whale. Nice bow Kelah. Congrats on no more bed rest.

  3. Thanks for the comment dudes! Yeah, it's been damn nice all week, which means it will likely snow by this upcoming weekend.


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