Monday, March 4, 2013

Steelhead and Basketball. Go Zags!

Photo courtesy of The Evening Hatch.
"We don't believe there is any jinx," said assistant coach Tommy Lloyd, subbing for coach Mark Few, who was said to be fly fishing and unavailable for comment. "Obviously, it's a dream for us, the ultimate accomplishment."

Growing up in Eastern Washington I was 15 when the Zags made the cinderella run into the elite 8 that propelled them onto the national stage.  We used to spend summers at Gonzaga team camp, and looked up to all of the great players that spent time in Spokane.  Today was a historic day for Gonzaga, and their first #1 ranking in school history (First for any team in WA, at that!).  And to top it off, Coach Mark Few was fly fishing (more than likely on the Grande Ronde) and couldn't be reached for comment.

This fall while on the Ronde with my Dad, we ran into Coach Few and his young sons at Boggan's Oasis on their way out the door to go fishing.  No one said anything, or bugged him for pictures or autographs like the celebrity he is, he was just another fisherman sharing a second great sport with his sons, the same way my Dad did with me.

March Madness is the best thing in sports, and hopefully this is the year that the Zags make it to the Final Four!


  1. How old are his kids? I might have to make sure he sees a particular set of books.

  2. Dang. As if I didnt already like the Zags enough.


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