Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Friends

Still the biggest steelhead I have ever seen
One of my favorite thing about guiding are the great friendships that I have developed over the years from meeting people on the river.  My buddy Carlo emailed me yesterday to check in, and also to remind me that it had been exactly one year since the picture above was taken on the lower Hoh.  Carlo lives in Helena, and we met in Forks while I was guiding.  At the beginning of the day we were talking about fish size and Carlo said that if I put him on a 20lbs steelhead, he would row the rest of the day.  About 2/3 of the way through the day, on one of the bravest drifts you need to make, we landed the fish pictured above that taped out at 42".  Easily over the 20lbs mark, after we stopped shaking Carlo held up his end of the bargain and offered to row, which I politely declined.  We finished out our day with out another fish, exchanged info, and continue to fish together out here in Montana.  Although we do split time on the sticks now.


  1. The Hoh was a "thin" place for me that day, meaning it was one of those rare times in a special place where you can actually feel there isn't much separating life on earth and whatever is on the other side. I didn't cross all the way through, but I could tell I came pretty close. I had an idea this was a special fish after it went airborne after the hook set, but Jergins was totally calm, offering a few quiet tips as we carefully willed it to the net. Knees are still shaking a year later, and I hope I'll always feel that. Thanks for the kind words and I am proud to know you friend.


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