Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing but net....

The first of many BIG fish to hit the new net
When you make your living putting fish into a net, the net is pretty important.  This past summer, I lost a long time net, the gold handled bling net that many of you who have been in the blue skiff would remember (as told here).  In a pinch, I grabbed the gorgeuos but functional net that my Dad made for me last winter.  Fitted with a big measure net, a solid wooden handle and a custom evoanglers decal, it was ready for duty once we hit the boat.  The first day out with my new net I got to spend with another father-son duo, and the Dad the fish pictured above in the new net, a sweet 22" brown.
Ralph and the best hopper fish to hit the net all summer.
The first 22" was only the beginning of the mojo that my new net brought through out the summer.  Numerous big fish made it into my new net this summer, and the mojo continued to build.  It was hard to watch bling net fall to the bottom of the Big Hole, but my new wooden net from Dad brought a new level of big fish into the boat!  It looks a hell of a lot better in pictures too, here are a few more good ones that broke in the new net.


  1. nice net Homie. You Need A Steelhead Sized One As Well.

  2. Thanks! This net is the perfect size for summer runs, and big trout, and I've always got the big wood for the big steels!

  3. Awesome fish and photos. Yet another reminder that you should never skimp on a net.

  4. Thanks Brent, although I don't know if it's big enough to fit the fish you've been crushing this winter.

  5. Sweet net, for some sweet fish! I think I need a bigger net to change my luck around for some bigger fish.


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