Saturday, February 9, 2013

Non-traditional fishing dog: Scout

Scout prefers the banquet beer
In the most recent edition of my popular segment Non-Traditional Fishing Dog we are featuring Scout, the new GSP puppy of Rooster, my close friend and outfitter.  If you made it to The Stonefly Inn last fall, you probably got to see Scout chasing around the pack of labs in "the bullpen" or getting trained up with a pheasant wing on the end of a 10wt.  One reason you probably don't see GSP's in boats very often is because of the high energy that they have, but Scout has already shown her skills as a boat dog.  By next summer she'll be quite a bit bigger than the picture above, and hopefully still showing her love for cleaning up the Big Hole.

If you have a non-traditional fishing dog, shoot me an email at and I'll throw them up on the blog, and send you some stickers.


  1. Great looking pup!! Nothing beats the company of a good fishing dog.

  2. They really are the best high plains, thanks for the comment!


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