Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get busy living.....

This crusher of a man rig belongs to good friend, excellent fly fisherman and all around southern gentleman Larry.  The amount of awesomeness in Larry's rig is only made better by the fact that this is the winter version, and the summer version has a Clacka Eddy on the back.  If this isn't motivation to get out of the middle of the boat I don't know what is!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing but net....

The first of many BIG fish to hit the new net
When you make your living putting fish into a net, the net is pretty important.  This past summer, I lost a long time net, the gold handled bling net that many of you who have been in the blue skiff would remember (as told here).  In a pinch, I grabbed the gorgeuos but functional net that my Dad made for me last winter.  Fitted with a big measure net, a solid wooden handle and a custom evoanglers decal, it was ready for duty once we hit the boat.  The first day out with my new net I got to spend with another father-son duo, and the Dad the fish pictured above in the new net, a sweet 22" brown.
Ralph and the best hopper fish to hit the net all summer.
The first 22" was only the beginning of the mojo that my new net brought through out the summer.  Numerous big fish made it into my new net this summer, and the mojo continued to build.  It was hard to watch bling net fall to the bottom of the Big Hole, but my new wooden net from Dad brought a new level of big fish into the boat!  It looks a hell of a lot better in pictures too, here are a few more good ones that broke in the new net.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Redington Prospector Spey Rod Review: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

There is a Redington prospector on the other end of that fly. 
When offered the opportunity to test out a Redington Prospector 7130 I was pumped.  It showed up at my door the day before I left for a week on the Grande Ronde, a perfect time to give the rod a thorough test.  Halfway through my first day I strung it up with a Compact Skagit 540 and set out to find out what this sweet new stick had to offer.

During my week on the Ronde, I fished with several different buddies, and got the rod into the hands of  a couple other two-hand pros.  The best review I got out about the prospector was from Gus Orviston wannabe, Andy Simon.  Andy is one of the fishiest people I know, an insane spey caster, and all around good guy.  After crushing several casts out into the Snake, he looked over to me and said "Dude..........this thing is a wolf in sheep's clothing" followed by one of his unmistakable laughs.

That statement was ensured to make it into this post, and does a great job describing the prospector.  At under $400 retail, the Prospector compares to others in the looks department, and I particularly like the shiny black blank with god accents.  You can definitely see that the Prospector had an inspiration from the alpha of the Sage/Redington family, "The One" and it looks good.

Great looking stick!

As far as casting goes, this rod is definitely a wolf.  Redington describes the rod as a medium-fast, but I would describe the 7130 as fast.  I threw both a 510 and 540 skagit compact line on this rod, and they both cast nicely, but I preferred the 540.  I spent most of the time with a 15' extra fast poly leader for a tip and a 4" fly, but also threw 12' of t-11, which sailed out into the Ronde effortlessly.  That being said, If I were a beginner lining up this rod I would even consider a 570.  I also got the opportunity to throw a 525 RIO Skagit Iflight and enjoyed that a lot as well.  Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to fish a scandi because of the cold weather, but the prospectors fast action would lend itself to a scandi taper as well.

This rod has a stiff tip and a very quick recovery, so feeling the rod load can be sensitive, but once you do bend into the lower half of the graphite, it is going to sail.  The stiff action and ability to cast off of just the tip reminded me of the death star and several other of the new fast spey rods out there.  I have owned several Redington spey rods over the years, and this one continues their tradition of a great stick at a great price.  My only complaint about this rod is the thickness of the cork. I prefer a thin cork on two handed rods, and this rod, like many from the sage family, has a cork that is thicker than I prefer.  A minor complaint on a good rod.

Chone giving the prospector a try.
If you are looking for a new spey rod, definitely give the Redington Prospector 13' 7wt. a try.  The crisp fast action, great aesthetics and excellent performance make the Prospector a rod that should be included in everyones search for a new fast 7 wt. spey rod.  Once you cast it you will likely agree with Andy that it's "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Non-traditional fishing dog: Scout

Scout prefers the banquet beer
In the most recent edition of my popular segment Non-Traditional Fishing Dog we are featuring Scout, the new GSP puppy of Rooster, my close friend and outfitter.  If you made it to The Stonefly Inn last fall, you probably got to see Scout chasing around the pack of labs in "the bullpen" or getting trained up with a pheasant wing on the end of a 10wt.  One reason you probably don't see GSP's in boats very often is because of the high energy that they have, but Scout has already shown her skills as a boat dog.  By next summer she'll be quite a bit bigger than the picture above, and hopefully still showing her love for cleaning up the Big Hole.

If you have a non-traditional fishing dog, shoot me an email at and I'll throw them up on the blog, and send you some stickers.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big News!

So I have been slacking big time on the blog lately, and it hasn't been for much of a reason.  When I'm not fishing, and not wrapping, it's hard to write about fishing.  I am not one to throw up some random crap picture just to keep the audience up(that's what FB's for right?), so thank to you who are waiting with baited breath to see what comes next.

This announcement has been long overdue, and it is not from a lack of excitement.  In fact,  I can't think of a reason, other than those we hold close already know, and those who are acquaintances know now!  Our daughter is supposed to be here in April, and we couldn't be more pumped!