Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Wrapping: 12th Man Steelhead Flies!

A more classic colored "12th man" fly from long time buddy Evan Burck

Winter wrapping has lead to some more Seahawks inspired steelhead flies, especially after their great game against the Redskins.  I love the color schemes that blue and green put together, as do the steels.  Two of my buddies from the 206 both posted their bad ass "12th man" steelhead flies on the FB, and I had to share them here.  Evan's fly up above is a little bit of a throwback to the classic Steve Largent steelhead colors, where Sean's fly below is as new school as Skittles, with rubber legs coming out the backside.  Thanks for your great wraps guys, and go Hawks!  If you wrap up a Seahawks steelhead fly before this Sunday's game against the falcons and can send me a picture, I'll send you some EvoAngler's stickers.

Sweet new "12th Man" steelhead fly from Sean "Frenchie" Beauchamp

Another one from my vise, go hawks!

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