Thursday, December 13, 2012

Help protect the Big Hole River

The Big Hole is the last stronghold of these guys in the lower 48.

As many of you know, I was fortunate to get involved with a great organization this past year, the Big Hole Watershed Committee (BHWC).  A conglomerate of ranchers, fishing guides, local government officials and others who share the love of the Big Hole, the BHWC has one primary goal;  Keep water in the Big Hole.  The committee accomplishes this through land use measures, ranchers directly returning water to the river during droughts, and a lot of citizen participation.

 The Big Hole is home to many great fish and animals, but it's most unique resource is it's grayling.  As one of the last strongholds of fluvial Arctic Grayling in the lower 48, these beautiful fish thrive in the cold clean water that the Big Hole is known for.  Along with the grayling the river is also home to native cutthroat as well as the more popular sport fish rainbows, browns and brook trout.

A lot of these guys in the Big Hole as well.
As I tried to write this post the many things I love about the Big Hole came to mind, and I realized I could write for a year straight about what makes this river special.  The easiest way for me to descirbe the Big Hole is how I describe it to those who have never fished it; It is exactly how you picture trout fishing in Montana to be.

Winding through lush meadows at it's headwaters, through two boiling canyons, stretching out in  the braids around Melrose and again towards Twin Bridges;  If  there is a type of trout water you like fishing, the Big Hole has it somewhere, and in that water are a lot of fish.  You could fish the Big Hole for a lifetime and never learn all of it's secrets.

Help the Big Hole, so kids like Andrew can keep making memories like this one.
The work that the BHWC does is funded in a lot of different ways, but donations are critical to it's success.  Please, help protect the Big Hole and everything that makes it great, and make a tax-deductible donation to the BHWC here.  Also, go give them a like on Facebook to stay connected to the great projects that the BHWC is working on.  And if you haven't been to the Big Hole yet, put it on "the list", preferably somewhere near the top.

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