Friday, December 7, 2012

Go Eagles! Quarter Finals Fly

After a great win last weekend, EWU plays tomorrow at home on The Inferno tomorrow against Illinois State, 6pm eastern time.  To celebrate this week I tied a Scoal (super crusher of all leeches) inferno edition.  The red polar chenille used is UV, which gives an awesome amount of extra flash.  I used the flexi-floss feelers again as well, a technique I've been screwing around with and really liking.

Last weeks winner, Shawn, shot me an email and has a red fly headed to his mailbox.  This week we are going to adapt the contest a little bit, and give away a collection of all of the EWU flies from this season.  That means the more they win, the more someone is going to win.  I will post more details soon.


  1. I'll be rooting for the red turf now that the Cats are out.

  2. Thanks Lester, I was really hoping for an EWU/State rematch. As an EWU alum and living in MT, I have to root for both, but but my true color run red like "the inferno"!


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