Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fishing Dogs in Action

At the beginning of the month I posted this pic of my great fishing buddy Maddie, breaking my tradition of highlighting the non-traditional fishing dogs (like my terrier Ruby).  Not much of a surprise, I got some great submissions of labs through out the NW.  Our first submission was from Ben, another Montanan, who sent in a great shot of his dog Ben giving the lab approval of a sweet Missouri River brown.  Check out Trevors new blog here as well, for another great source of the Montana life.
Ben and a big Mo brown
The next submission came from Garrett in Oregon, who sent in a shot of him and his black lab Lilly soaking in the sun in their driftboat.  Lilly clearly knows her role in the drift boat, and Garrett also sent in some shots showing that she knows her way around the duck blind as well.
Lilly doing what labs do best, unbalancing the boat.
Our final submission was from my boy Mills.  His dog Murphy is all over Josh's blog, and is a personal friend of my lab Maddie.  When the two of them get together they are ball of yellow fur rolling around in the back yard.  The pic below shows Murphy burning some calories the best way.
Murphy getting her exercise on.
Thanks to Josh, Garrett and Trevor for the submissions, stickers should already be in your mailboxes.  And to our other readers, if you have a non-traditional fishing dog, or a great picture of your lab doing something fishy, send them to and I'll feature them on the blog and get you some Evoanglers stickers.

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