Sunday, November 25, 2012

"The 12th Man"

My "12th Man" doing work on the Salmon River, ID.
Swinging for steelhead is like being a Seahawks fan.  You spend a lot of time freezing your ass off in cold weather, beating your head against a wall, waiting for a couple of moments of excitement that make it all worth it.  This fall while wrapping for the few fall steelhead days that I fished, I threw some neon green into the back end of one of my swinging flies, and ended up with a Seahawks colored swinger.
I stuck a couple of fish on the Ronde with "The 12th Man" and decided to fish it when I was on the Salmon last weekend.  It proved it's self again, accounting for the majority of my fish.  At first glance it looks similar to a Hoh Bo, which it is, but the innards have much more flash (big surprise for those of you who fish with me), and I use a palmered chunk of polar chenille instead of the guinea hackle that is used in a Hoh Bo.
Black, blue, green and flashy; hard to beat.

Troy Dettman's "The 12th Man"

After posting the picture of my fly and fish that is pictured at the top of this post on FB about a week ago, Troy Dettman posted the picture of his "12th Man" that he tied up last winter.  A very nasty intruder tied in similar Seahawks colors, I'm sure Troy has had the same success with his fly as I have with mine.  I may be contacting him about retiring "The 12th Man" as I am going to, because apparently the Seahawks need all of the mojo they can get, and our flies might be taking some of it.

Also, my alma matter Eastern Washington University is in the FCS playoffs again, so watch for some red swinging bugs this upcoming week.  If you remember, last time I tied playoff bugs for EWU it led to their 2010 national championship!

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