Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shots of Fall

Fall in Southwest Montana is one of the best times to be here.  With the tourists gone, and the fish fattening up for winter, it can be pretty special (when it's not snowing).  Here are a couple of shots from an afternoon Ke'lah and I spent on the Beaverhead last weekend.  If you make it up there before the end of the season on the 30th be careful not to step on the redd's, there are a lot of brown trout spawning.


  1. Cool Pics Joe That Rainbow Is A Cranker. I Like Fishing In The Fall Here As Well. No Crowds & The Weather Has Been Nice Enough To Sneak Out For A Couple Drifts.

  2. Thanks Joey, we've had some crazy nice weather lately, made for some fun fishing. Haven't had the boat out though, which isn't that bad of a thing either, good to spend some time not in it.


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