Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gear Review: Simms Coldweather Pants

As one who hates wearing waders, and the cold weather that calls for them, this review couldn't make me happier.  I ordered a pair of the Simms Coldweather Pants about 3 weeks ago, and they showed up just in time for the first snow of the year.  Excited to try them out I threw them on with a big pair of wool socks and headed for the river.  After half a day fishing in 50 degree weather with a nice firm breeze I new they were the real-deal, but it wasn't until the temp dropped another 10 degrees the next day that I knew how much I loved them.

Coldweather pants: built for days like this.  Photo by C.Squad.
A thick layer of fleece covered with a windproof fabric makes these pants great to slide into waders, but also decent for going into the bar afterwords (as long is the bar is something more like the Hitching Post than The Plonk).  They have full front and back pockets, as well as one cargo pocket that would be great for holding your spare chew can.  I have still yet to wear them on a full day of wade fishing, but if you layered these pants with a capilene liner i don't think you could find weather that you wouldn't stay warm in.  For the fishing in the boat that I used them for, I was more than warm enough without the base layer, and would have likely been too hot on a decent weather day.  My only complaint about these pants is the waist in size Xl is very large.  I wear a 36" waist, and these pant require a belt to stay up.  This is not completely unusual with me and Simms products and all of the plus sides of these pants make it worth throwing on the belt.

If fishing didn't stop for you at the end of September, you need to get a pair of these pants.  They will keep you as warm as you could ever need to be and help you keep looking good when the waders come off.  Hit up your local fly shop and get yourself some Simms Cold Weather Pants before it really gets cold out there!


  1. Great review. I might need to pic up a pair of these pants for winter.

  2. Thank you! They are definitely worth getting, you'll love them!


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